Monday, January 11, 2010

Score: Norene 2, Karen 0

Thanks to Carol at Reflections From The Fence, my efforts to find information about Norene Madsen (original post), have renewed.  I got a phone number for the Las Animas, Colorado library, and a very nice lady there looked up Norene's obituary and sent it to me.  I've been salivating all week, waiting for this little goodie to make it's way into my mailbox.  Now, I wasn't expecting her whole life's story in this obit (which was fortunate, because I certainly didn't get it) but it was a bit of a disappointment, to say the least.

I did learn that prior to her retirement, whenever that was, she worked as a supply clerk at the Dugway Army Depot in Utah.  Thanks to Google, I learned that Dugway was a town that was created in the early 1950's, with 400 homes, nearby to Dugway Proving Ground, where military weapons were tested and research done.  Dugway is southwest of Salt Lake City.  I previously knew she had lived in Grantsville and Tooele, nearby towns, around 1963.

I know for certain that Norene had three husbands; the last one, Mr. Madsen, was not listed among her survivors, nor was he mentioned as having preceded her in death.  Therefore, I am surmising that they were divorced at some point earlier.  But where and when, who knows?

I also learned that Norene died in Las Animas, something I suspected, but didn't know for sure.

Next?  Try again to get a death certificate for both Norene, and her mother, Maude Humphrey Henard.  Both died in Las Animas.  I just sent an email to the Bent County Recorder, and asked how to proceed.  My previous attempts with the state only got me a year of frustration, an aching back from jumping through all those hoops, and $34 poorer.  Hopefully the county will be a little more user-friendly.


  1. Karen,

    BUMMER, but as we all learn, one step forward, one sideways, a couple back, start again.

    Glad you are trying the county level for the death certs, sometimes they are le$$ expen$ive and sometimes they will find a cert that has gone MIA at the state level.

    I know it does not feel like it at the moment, but you are one step closer, you will either find Norene or not, but you will have NO unturned stones.

    Course, if we could turn over that headSTONE, wouldn't Karen be happy dancing!?!

  2. Good luck. My sister didn't learn that she was actually my half-sister until she was in her 40's. She managed to find her birth father, but he had already left this about a dead end! Her curiosity is sated and to date she hasn't gone any further with her search. The story would make a good novel......

  3. Good luck with the next step. Sounds like you found some very helpful connections. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

  4. Karen, I am pleased as punch to award you the Bloggers Best Friend Award.

    Stop by and pick up your award, and thanks for being my friend.